Výstava: Libanon - perla Blízkého východu

5. 2. 2020
Od února do června 2020 bude v knihovně FRRMS k vidění výstava fotografií dr. Vojtěcha Tamáše z jeho cest do Libanonu.

Lebanon is a small Mediterranean country, but its size doesn’t reflect the depth of its history. Lebanon has seen many peoples and civilizations, much war and strife. The Lebanese have come out stronger and continue to love their country. The Lebanese people are resilient and worldly, and offer a hospitality like no other. Lebanese people will invite you into their homes and insist you stay for coffee! They are famous for knowing how have a good time, no matter what the situation. Lebanon is home to many different religions and nationalities, and despite the history of conflict, the majority of Lebanese still believe in their capability for peaceful living and acceptance. The people all have different interests, from religious groups to those concerned with alternative beauty, and all are truly free to express their identity. Lebanon is definitely one of the world’s most historical places, as its history predates written records. The area that became Lebanon was occupied by the Phoenicians already from 2500 BC, and this trend of occupation continued for centuries, which makes for a fascinating visual history. Recent archaeological finds show that Lebanon still has many historical treasures to be discovered. Some places worth seeing are the Roman Ruins in Baalbek and Old Souks in Jbeil. Lebanese food is known all over the world: tabbouleh, kefta and kebbeh are famous dishes. This food never quite tastes the same anywhere else, so pack your bags and come to Lebanon to try the real deal. Try Abu Naim in Hamra Street or Mayrig Downtown. Better yet, just walk around and pick a spot, to experience some of the best cuisine in the world. The country is definitely one of, if not the, major fashion capital of the region. Designers like Elie Saab, Reem Acra and Zuhair Murad all started their careers in Beirut. The people are definitely fashion conscious in Lebanon, and the country continuously produces designers that reach global fame.

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