The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies (FRRMS) is a young faculty (founded in 2008), however, during its short existence, thanks to its specialisation and international extent it has become an attractive institution offering education in Bachelor and Master study programmes. The main function of the faculty is development of educational as well as scientific-research activities focusing on all aspects of regional development within both national and international context.

After a longer period of time when travel was not possible, a research expedition of students and academics to Ghana took place in two stages this autumn. 

You can apply until the October 31!

Finally a foreign research expedition is here again. This time to Ghana! 

Good news! From September 13 our canteen in the building is open again!

Are you planning your thesis research in Ghana? Can you contribute to the development of local communities? Are you an active person with special interest...

Are you an adventurous and resourceful person with a critical eye? Do you want to contribute to collaborative research that includes training and also...

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