In the scent of Tanzanian coffee

22. 2. 2024

A coffee plantation is not just an avenue of coffee trees, the seeds must first root somewhere and grow in the right conditions. In the outdoor “greenhouse” with the coffee seedlings, they are only two weeks old and thrive well in the constant humidity. These plants wait almost a full year before they are ready and strong enough to be transplanted into a pre-prepared plantation. It’s amazing that every single coffee tree has to live almost seven years before it is ready to harvest. It needs to be given constant care and love, for which it will reward you with the best coffee.

Each seed has to go through a special drying or washing process before it is ready for hand roasting. During the tour, they are grouped according to the roasting process and you have the opportunity to try cupping, where you can taste each of the variety. The last but most important step of the whole tour was counting how many 250 gram packets of coffee or coffee tea each of the expedition participants would want. Probably needless to say, the entire group included coffee enthusiasts and gourmets, after buying 30 packets with only 7 people it was clear to the neighborhood, and the local staff was more than amused by their coffee enthusiasm.

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