What will your studies be about?

Our aim is to train specialists capable of addressing current issues and problems in a comprehensive and contextual manner from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

  • You will gain comprehensive knowledge and insight and have a very wide range of employment opportunities.
  • During your studies, you will undertake a compulsory internship, so the studies will not be just about theory.
  • You will deal with current topics of domestic and global affairs in a comprehensive and contextual way.
  • If you want, you’ll go on international placements and internships. There you will gain a lot of experience.

You’ll have everything under one roof

A canteen where you can satisfy your hunger

Dorms so you can wear slippers to lectures

A library where you’ll find the literature you need

A multicultural environment so you can practise foreign languages every day

Classrooms of all capacities, so no long transfers

What do our graduates say?

My memories of studying at FRDIS are mostly positive. It is of course not only the knowledge and skills that I now use on a daily basis, but also the experience of travelling abroad and the friendships among students that last to this day.
Alena Kolmačková
Graduate of the International Territorial Studies Programme
An almost family-like atmosphere, broad and comprehensive knowledge, and active involvement in the Academic Union. This is FRDIS that makes me consider myself a manager, mentor, leader, coach, and friend today. Not all of these for everyone, but one of these definitely.
Jarda Zavadil
Graduate of the Regional Development Programme
The experience I gained during my studies has enriched my personal and professional life. To this day, I’m in contact with some of the teachers and I like to see how the faculty continues to move forward.
Tomáš Dvořák
Graduate of the Regional Development Programme
The studies were very inspiring and motivating. They weren’t just about studying; we were bonded by many events that I helped to organize. Thanks to the internships and projects, I gained a lot of experience that definitely helped me plan my future.
Veronika Batelková
Graduate of the International Territorial Studies Programme

Applications are accepted until 15 August 2022!

So don’t hesitate and apply right away!

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