Before going through the steps, read these important points:
  • Every applicant is responsible for providing us with correct personal and contact details – be aware that the details you provide via the application form will be used for the university system, and for all official documents (admission letter, study confirmation, etc.)
    • personal details must match your passport details
    • all communication will be done only via the email address used in the application form
    • all the official documents will be sent to the address provided in the application form, if your contact / delivery address is different from your permanent address, provide both addresses when applying
    • in case of a change, each applicant must inform International Relations Office (hereinafter referred to as IRO)
  • After you submit your application a personal confirmation email with further details from IRO will be sent to you within a week (kindly do not contact us earlier), system confirmation with log-in details is sent immediately
  • DO NOT CREATE more applications (Each applicant receives log-in details for their applications, if you made a mistake or changed your mind, do not create new applications, correct or deactivate the original one)
Bc. Vendula Tvrdoňová
International Relations Office

Admission process step by step


  1. Submitting an online application form
  • Detailed explanation on how to fill the application form can be found here
  • After you submit your application you will be contacted by IRO with further details within a week. Then you will receive an email about entrance exams including an individual access code and a link where you can access your test on a specific day and time. Please put attention to the time, as we use Central European Time (CET) / Central European Summer Time (CEST).


  1. Passing an entrance exam
Bachelor applicants B-INTSE
  • Study program  B-INTSE requires the Study prerequisites test, which is a general knowledge test, and an English language test.
  • The minimum score for Bachelor’s International Territorial Studies is 50 points out of 100 points for each test separately.
  • B-INTSE sample test here
Master applicants C-INTSE
  • Master study program C-INTSE requires the entrance test from general topics covering the following areas: developing world, environment, political and economic world situation, and an English language test.
  • The minimum score for Master’s International Territorial Studies is 30 points out of 50 points for the Global Affairs test and 60 points out of 100 points for the English language test.
  • C-INTSE sample test here
  • An informative email with test results and further admission steps will be sent to each applicant within a week after the test date.
  • Entrance exam results are valid for two years. It means that from the time you successfully pass the exam, you have two years to complete the admission process (get the nostrification done and apply for the visa). In case of failing the exam, the exam can be repeated during the next intake. It is not possible to apply again for the same intake.


  1. Obtaining a certificate of recognition of previous education. Please see the section Verification of secondary/higher education for more detailed information.


  1. Signing a study contract and paying tuition fees. Please see the current tuition fees below in the table.
  • We do not offer installments for the tuition fee deposit, the deposit needs to be covered fully before we issue the admission documents
  • You will be asked to also pay an accommodation deposit, in case you want to use the dormitories of our university. Please note the payment for the accommodation must be done to the account of the accommodation office. If you have any questions or issues regarding the dormitory, contact only their officers. IRO is a separate office and does not have access to its system.
B-INTSE (International Territorial Studies)bachelor3 years65 000 CZK / approximately 2 700 EURFebruary/September
C-INTSE (International Territorial Studies)master2 years65 000 CZK / approximately 2 700 EURFebruary/September


  1. Once the tuition fee deposit is credited to our account, admission documents are issued
  • The set of admission documents consists of:
  • admission letter
  • study confirmation
  • accommodation contract (in case you are interested in staying at the dormitory)
  • nostrification certificate (if processed via Mendelu) / notification of education verification certificate (in case you applied for our assistance)
  • The package is sent via DHL/UPS service to the permanent / contact address provided in the application form

STEP 6: VISA (for the applicants with VISA requirements)

  1. As a full-time student, you should apply for a long-term residence permit (for the purpose of studies).
  • The visa application should cost you 2 500 CZK.
  • Here you can check the general requirements for visa applicants from the Ministry of Interior.
  • Once you submit the visa application at the Czech Embassy it might take up to 90 days before your visa is issued. Most of the time it really takes 60-90 days.
  • The following set of documents will be sent from us for the visa application:
  • the admission letter
  • the accommodation contract
  • study confirmation
  • payment confirmation (proof that you have paid the first year tuition fees) – this document is not generally required, if you need it, contact us
  • notification of the education verification certificate (in case you applied for our assistance) / hard copy of the nostrification certificate (if processed via Mendelu)
  • If your visa is declined, you have three options:
    • appeal against the refusal
    • let the appeal time pass and apply again
    • finish the admission process and ask for a refund

Admission procedure costs

  • Nostrification fee – 800 CZK
  • DHL/UPS costs – the DHL/UPS costs need to be covered after your arrival in Brno
  • Accommodation deposit – 5000 CZK, fully refundable in case your visa is declined or you decide to cancel your admission before applying for visa. We will ask you to pay it together with the tuition fee.

Payment options

  • We highly recommend and prefer the FlyWire application to cover all the costs Flywire – Powering the future of global payments
  • Bank transfer (any fee required for the international transfer is covered by the applicant), more information about the bank transfer is sent together with the study contract