On 28 March it will be exactly 15 years since our faculty was founded.

And so we will celebrate! All year long.

Here you can find the schedule of events. So don’t miss them!


27 September 202313:00AulaPanel discussion with alumni
Come and meet our alumni who will share their experiences with the faculty and talk to you about their career journey.
The discussion will be moderated and there will be plenty of room for your questions.
At the moment, Jiří Močidlan, Tereza Macháčková, Jaroslav Zavadil have promised to participate.
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27 September 202315:00-18:00Nearby the facultySEMESTER START
Informal gathering of the academic community. Let’s all meet together – academics, students, and alumni!
There will be a beer and a bonfire where you can roast sausages.
Board games and outdoor games will be available.
Bulb planting (daffodils, tulips, snowdrops…) will take place, so if you join, you’ll contribute to beautifying the surroundings of the faculty.
Join us! Whether you stop by briefly or participate in all the activities, it will be worth it!
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22 November 2023 18:30S ClubMovie Night presented by the Department of Social Studies
Movie: Triangle of Sadness
IMDB rating: 7,3
The movie will be presented in Czech
13 December 202318:30S ClubMovie Night presented by the Department of Regional Development


22 March 202318:30S-klubFilm Evening presented by the Institute of Territorial Studies
Movie: Cidade de Deus
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28 March 202313:00in front of the facultyDAY IN MAGENTA
Kick-off the celebration. Let’s raise a glass to our faculty and take a picture together.
Don’t forget to wear something in the faculty colour! (dark pink, magenta) ❗
Please bring your own drink for the toast.

You could win some faculty merch if you write a card to the faculty. Leave your card at the Study department and dont forget to sign it.
The draw will take place in the evening at the S-klub.

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28 March 202313:30-15:00AulaMeeting of the academic community
Do you want to find out news about the faculty, future plans or ask a question?
Come to the FRRMS Aula where you will learn many interesting things, including the ever-present topic of EVALUATIONS.
Planned international trips and the program of the celebration of 15 years of FRRMS will be presented.
All students and staff are invited.
28 March 202317:00-???S-klubPresentation of the new faculty merch and start of its sale.
The VaciMar buffet boys will take care of the bar.
Drawing of winners from the cards submitted to the faculty.
17-19 April 20238:30-11:00 and 12:30-15:00cloakroom by the auditoriumCOLLECTION of items for VERONICA Foundation shops.
Do you have an item in good condition at home that you no longer need? Maybe clothes, shoes, a handbag or other small item that can still be used? The faculty will be collecting these items and then taking them en masse to the foundation.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30-11:00 and 12:30-15:00, the cloakroom at the Auditorium will be open to collect items.

WHAT CAN YOU BRING? List of items here…
19 April 202318:30S-klubPlant a houseplant!
Take away a memory of FRRMS that will make you happy every day. 🥰
In order to have enough material for those who come to the planting, please register in the FB event discussion.
19 April 202318:30S-klubFilm Evening presented by the Institute of Environmental Science and Natural Resources
5.-6. May 2023Conference RESPO.
More information.
10 May 202314:00will be specifiedSoccer tournament
Build your dreamteam and give it to others!
Or come and cheer!
The winner will be awarded a liquid prize 😉
10 May 202319:00S-KlubFilm Evening presented by the Department of Regional and Business Economics
Movie: Inside Job
20 May 20239:00-16:00Cave Býčí skála, Arboretum KřtinyFamily Day for the employees and their families