Kilimanjaro Marathon and our students

21. 2. 2024

A group of students accompanied by Vice-Dean Ludvíková and Dr. Čeněk is currently on an expedition in Tanzania. Besides scientific work and learning about a different culture, five students decided to participate in the Kilimanjaro Marathon. They are running a half marathon and a fun run.
One of the runners is Lucie Moravcová, who joined a charity fundraising to support the treatment of children with cancer.

Lucie herself says: “This year I am running the Kilimanjaro International Marathon to raise funds for TLM, which supports children’s cancer care at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre.
However, I have never run such a distance in my life! I’m just 100% sure I can do it because my motivation is much deeper than PR. I run with an open heart and a love for the sport with an important mission to help those who need it most.
Who am I and how did I get to the beautiful country of Tanzania? I am studying International Development at Mendel University in Brno and this year I am conducting research based on an important topic – community-based wildlife conservation and ecosystem services. The moment I found out during my stay in Africa that this amazing event was taking place, I just told myself that I had to be there. By supporting me, you will be standing at the starting line with me on February 25th and be a part of this important mission.
Remember, Together we can do it!
Remember that we have a duty to save and care for little lives!”

You can make a donation here

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