The visit of Honest Guide

24. 5. 2018

Study in Czech Republic is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Education. The programme which is aimed at supporting Czech Cultural Heritage abroad or scholarships of the Czech Government focus also at introducing and advertising educational institutions and the various courses offered by the numerous universities in the country. Study in Czech Republic and authors of Honest Guide, the popular vlog series, visited Brno to make a report about Education and study life. Proudly, they chose Mendel University in Brno as one of the best and interesting schools for students in Brno. A visit was made to our faculty where they met with a few students to carry out some questionnaires. They were fascinated about the facilities we had in our school and our faculty as a whole. One remarkable compliment they made was towards our canteen and accommodation facilities and its low-cost pricing. You may watch the video of Honest Guide report bellow.


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