The new book, co-authored by doc. Smolik

22. 10. 2020
Published by Marie Curie-Sklodowska University Press 


A new book, “Local Government in the Visegrad Group Countries”, has been published by Marie Curie-Sklodowske University. It captures the current and past state of local government, including its reforms in the Visegrad countries. 

During the political changes, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe faced challenges with the reconstruction of local government, administrative reforms and thus the building of local democracy and civil society structures. 

For all those interested in this theme, the book is the right source of information, as it is currently the only such scientific study. The book also provides a comprehensive comparative analysis of local governments in the Visegrad Group countries. 

One of the authors of the book is also Doc. Josef Smolík from the Institute of Social Studies.


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