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17. 5. 2021
The possibility to apply for short-term or semester stays in the CEEPUS program is open.

Until June 10, 2021, it is possible to apply for short-term or semester stays within the CEEPUS program.
Students can go to the partner university for 1-4 months. Unlike the Erasmus + program, this program is less administratively demanding and flexible (length of stay, purpose of stay does not necessarily have to be connected with completion of the whole semester and a minimum number of 15 credits).

FRRMS offers study stays within the CZ-111 (GEOREGNET) and AT-50 (Education Without Frontiers) networks.

Students can go primarily to universities where scholarship coverage is provided, or to any other school within the network (here it depends on the demand from other foreign partner universities, but usually the scholarship is approved for students).


The following universities are covered by scholarships for the winter semester 2021:

   Karl-Francenz University Graz, Austria – 4 months

   University of Applied Sciences, Burgenland, Austria – 2×4 months

   University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Hungary – 1-3 months

   University of Prishtina, Kosovo – 1-4 months

   Univerza na Primorskem, Koper, Slovenia – 1-4 months


in addition, scholarships can be applied to universities within the networksCZ-111 a AT-50:

   University of Sarajevo (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Geography)

   University of Mostar (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Department of Geography)

   University of Zagreb (Faculty of Science, Department of Geography)

   University of Zadar (Department of Geography)

   Jagiellonian University in Cracow(Institute of Geography and Spatial Management)

   Univesity of Oradea (Dep. of Tourism and Territorial Planning)

   University of Novi Sad (Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management)

   University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Arts)

   University of Maribor (Faculty of Arts)

   University of Prešov in Prešov (Department of Geography and Applied Geoinformatics)

   Constantine The Philosopher University in Nitra (Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences) 


In addition, students can apply as a so-called FREEMOVER to any university within the CEEPUS participating countries. The condition is that the given university (faculty) is a participant in one of the CEEPUS networks.

Detailed information about the CEEPUS program and the method of registration.

Information on the amount of scholarships in the host countries and your own application: 


Further information and consultations before sending the application will be provided by dr. Pavel Ptacek (

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