The Scholarship Regulations of Mendel University in Brno (effective from 1 January 2021) specify the types of scholarships, the conditions for awarding them and the methods of payment. Be sure to check this document as well, because you may find that you are eligible for some scholarships and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity. The Scholarship Regulations can be found on the Official Bulletin Board.

There are several types of scholarships, for example:

  • Merit scholarship – this applies after your first year of study, you may be awarded a scholarship if your average is below 1.5.
  • Social scholarship – if your financial situation is a barrier to studying, you’ll find support. It would be a shame if talents couldn’t develop just because of money!
    This scholarship is applied for by means of a document that must be delivered to the faculty. The application must be accompanied by the original or a certified copy of a written certificate for the purpose of awarding this scholarship; this certificate will be issued to the student upon request by the relevant state social welfare authority. The certificate for the purpose of awarding the scholarship is valid for 21 months from the end of the quarter for which the family income was ascertained. The social grant cannot be applied for retrospectively.
  • Extraordinary scholarship – if you do something for the faculty, you will be adequately rewarded for it
  • Housing grant – if you have a permanent residence outside the district where you are studying and meet a few other conditions, you are entitled to a housing grant.
    This scholarship is assessed independently of the faculty and is applied for through the in-person administration at UIS.

There are others besides these most common ones, so be sure not to miss this documentary!

The awarding of certain scholarships is more specifically defined by the FRRMS Dean’s Guidelines.