Our faculty also allows you to get a scholarship. In case you feel entitled to them, you have to apply for them.

For example, you can get:

Merit scholarship

It is awarded to students up to a study average of 1.5. You must apply for it in writing via the Contact Centre in the UIS.

Accommodation scholarship

Everyone whose journey to school takes more than 60 minutes by public transport and at the same time does not have a permanent residence in the district in which he or she is studying during the decisive period of the academic year is entitled to this scholarship. The scholarship is valid throughout the academic year and is paid quarterly. You can apply for the scholarship in the Student Portal in the Scholarship Application.

Social scholarship

It is awarded to students who suffer from material deprivation associated with the purchase of study aids. In this case, it is necessary to prove that the family‘s income determined for the child allowance for the calendar year stated in the certificate does not exceed the product of the amount of the family‘s subsistence minimum and the coefficient of 1.50.
A written application for this scholarship is submitted to the study department by 31 October.

Extraordinary scholarship

It is awarded to students for extraordinary representation of the faculty or other beneficial activities.

Detailed information on the conditions for obtaining scholarships can be found in the Mendel University Scholarship Regulations.