Online discussion: EU-China relations

3. 12. 2020
The lecturer will be Mgr. Ing. Richard Turcsányi, Ph.D.

Don’t miss the online interactive discussion on the attractive topic of EU-China relations.

The European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) has been booming since the Global Strategy was launched. Its actual implementation has shifted joint debate and decision-making to areas that had only been whispered a few years ago, including intensified trade dialogues with third countries, or even joint military capabilities. The Union is trying to secure a place on the global political stage in competition with (not only) China, and in 2021, thanks to the support component of these plans, it could move forward on this path.

The lecturer will be Mgr. Ing. Richard Turcsányi, Ph.D. . He is the program director of the independent think tank Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS). In the past, he has been on long-term study and research stays at the universities of Toronto, Beijing, the Chengchi National University in Taipei and the European Institute for Asian Studies in Brussels. He has extensive experience lecturing on international relations, security and economic issues in Central Europe and East Asia. His research focuses mainly on Central Europe’s relations with East Asia and Chinese foreign policy.

The whole event will take place online via the ZOOM platform and will be broadcast live on Facebook Europe Direct Brno.

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