MENDELU on Majales: Support university candidates

19. 4. 2018
The big final of the post of King and Queen of the Majesty of Brno in 2018 is already behind the door!

Thanks to the strong support of the faculty, our student Jan Krycer, alias Johnny, fought for the final round of candidates for the King of Brno Majáles. He represents the Mendel University in Brno, together with Petra Melezínková, a student of the Faculty of Agronomy, fighting for the queen’s post.

Our candidates are not only sympathetic but also imaginative. Johnny’s “Share-care” project has a great potential to get into practice. It offers solutions for students who want a cheap and comfortable living, and for seniors who no longer have to live alone. For more information, see the “Share-Care”  section of the candidate profile.

You can both support your voice on the official site of Brno Majáles. Links here

Every voice counts, that’s what matters to you. It can help not only the candidates themselves to win the title of King and Queen but also increase the influence of Mendel University on student Brno. In the event of a win, Johnny and Petra will be involved in projects that improve student life in Brno. Do not forget to find the Mendel area during the event and enjoy the attractions that will be prepared for you. At the same time, vote on your event once more for our candidates to increase their chances. Support and cheering during the discipline on the pod will also come in handy!

We look forward to your participation 5.5. at Brno Majáles . If you want to experience something extra, join the parade along with other university students at 10:30 am. The procession starts at Svoboda Square. See you there!

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