FRDIS approaches Brazilian universities

18. 2. 2018
The college receives three students from the South American country.

More than 10,000 km separate the Czech Republic from Brazil, but still, this does not seem to be enough difficult for Eduardo Alves, Luíza Veçoso and Luíz Henrique, they came to the South of Moravia seeking a different experience within the graduation, each one of a different area, Alves studied journalism, Henrique studied Civil Production Engineering and Luíza studied pharmacy in Brazil. “I am enjoying so much this opportunity and also learning so much with you.” Says Henrique, he is researching about the Czech economy and comparing with the Brazilian, this is part of his studies here in Czech Republic. One of the biggest differences of these countries is the weather, Alves said has never seen the snow before: “It’s really beautiful, I know Czech people doesn’t like it, but I can live with a view of white field every day”.

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