Faculty of regional development and international studies products the least unemployed

5. 4. 2016
In the rankings of economically oriented faculties of universities FRDIS ranked in second place with the smallest percentage of unemployed graduates (1,2%).

In this period, candidates for undergraduate studies decide where to apply. Candidates besides accessibility, reputation of the school, fields of study or difficulty of entrance examinations are also interested in future employment. Comparing of graduate unemployment by faculties and disciplines created by The Education Policy Centre at Charle´s University can help to students in their decision.

In case of other disciplines, candidate should already take into account what specific faculty will study. Taking the example of economic sectors, the unemployment rate for university graduates fluctuates much more significantly than in case of legal and medical fields. The top 3 of the best faculties with the lowest unemployment belongs Prague Faculty of Informatics and Statistics in the first place (0,9%). Right behind this faculty was placed the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies (Mendelu) with 1.2%. Bronze place again seems to Prague School of Economics, namely Faculty of Economics and Public with 1.4%.

Source: Týdeník EKONOM (7/2016). Article: „Školy sázejí na korejštinu a migraci“

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