To complete your studies, you need (among other things) to collect a given number of credits.

You get a certain number of credits for each course. The number of credits is based on the time and study load of the course. For example, Microeconomics is more time consuming than the Bachelor Seminar, so for completed Microeconomics, you will receive 6 credits and for Bachelor Seminar 1 credits.

What do you have to do to complete a course?

Requirements for the completion of each course are determined by its guarantor. Thus, the conditions may be different for each course. In some courses, it might be important to participate in class activities, in others, it might be necessary to prepare and defend a seminar paper or presentation, in other courses a final test might be compulsory. The conditions for completing the courses will be communicated to you by the teacher in the first lesson and you will also find them at any time in the syllabus of the course in the University Information System.

How many attempts do you have to pass the exam?

You register for the exam in the Student Portal via the “Registration for Exams” function. You can choose a date that is free and convenient for you. You always have three attempts. If none of the attempts is successful, then you simply reenrol the subject in the next semester or year.

❗ But beware! You can repeat one subject a maximum of 2 times ❗