You don‘t have to deal with this issue in the first semester, because we‘ve already done it for you. You have been enrolled in your courses automatically and you also have a schedule for the first semester. However, we are so helpful only in the case of our new students and from the second semester on, you have to take care of your course enrolment yourself.


The course registration takes place within a given period, usually before the start of a new semester. By registering for courses, you let us know which courses you are interested in in the next semester.
Course registration is not binding, but it helps us to compile schedules and capacities.

The following courses cannot be registered: Bachelor‘s level practical training, Master’s level practical training, State Bachelor Exam, Final State Exam.


During the course enrolment period, you can choose the courses you want to study in the upcoming semester. You will be offered courses from the recommended study plan. You don’t have to stick to that, but we recommend it. This way you will avoid future complications with unfinished courses, prerequisites, etc.


You can be enrolled in the next semester in case you have met all the requirements of the previous semester and can therefore continue in your studies. Enrolment in the semester goes hand in hand with the enrolment of your courses. To be enrolled in the second semester, you must obtain at least 15 credits in the first semester. In the following semesters, you always have to have at least 40 credits obtained in the last two semesters.