Cooperation with the Brno Sever district

5. 8. 2020
On June 26, the faculty established a mutually beneficial cooperation with the Brno North district.

For the Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, the Brno-sever district is a natural and logical partner. Not only due to the location, but especially the topics and the obvious possibilities of cooperation.

In lectures to students of Regional Development, we provide information on the functioning of public administration and finance, development and urban planning, and social issues. However, a very valuable enrichment of teaching is the knowledge and experience of experts from practice and the opportunity to discuss current issues and implemented measures. We also welcome the potential for cooperation in solving local issues within the topics of diploma and bachelor’s theses, enabling students to gain insight into the areas in which, as our graduates, they will seek their employment.

On the other hand, FRRMS academics can use their professional potential and overview to help with analyzes and solutions to socially problematic phenomena (eg prevention of crime committed on seniors), environmental issues (eg river space management, effective support of greenery effects in urban environments, etc.) or education and clarification of current topics. Lectures can touch on topics ranging from the functioning of the European Union, through the issue of refugees, to the apparent contradiction of the previous drought and the currently rainy days. We look forward to joint discussions, meetings and other forms of cooperation.

Ing. Jiří Schneider, Ph.D.

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