During your studies, you can spend up to 12 months abroad and choose if you want to study at one of the partner universities or gain experience in a company, NGO
or a farm if you wish. You will improve your language skills and learn more for your studies as well as about the life out there.

Our faculty supports these stays and encourage the students to go!

These are some of the programmes that offer the students the opportunity to study abroad and also financial support:

  • Erasmus+ for studying at a university in the EU
  • CEEPUS for studying in the countries of central and Eastern Europe
  • bilateral agreements that enable studying outside of Europe (e.g. USA, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, South Africa)

For the researchers-to-be among you, we organize 30-day long research expeditions that you can join together with the academics.

The pragmatic souls might prefer practical internships and use the database of companies and institutions that offer positions for interns.

There are also foundations that provide a range of scholarships or you can take part in international projects.