23. 10. 2020
Among other things, you will find a very current topic of Islamist-motivated violence in France.


Marek Čejka’s new book has just entered the bookstore, which is even more current these days than ever before.

Marek Čejka, a political scientist and expert on the Middle East, discusses in the book the concepts that are known from the media. But very often it is not clear what exactly and how they express. These are, for example, the terms: Islamism, political Islam, Salafism, Sufism, etc.

The book takes readers through historical periods of Islamism, maps the era of secular regimes, and looks at the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Part of the book is devoted to the roots of Islamism in the French Muslim community and will also touch on the generational, cultural and political schism of young French Muslims. Čejka then included in the book debates in the Czech Republic, which, in contrast to other Western countries, focus more on Islam as such.

The book was published by Academia Publishing House and has 288 pages.

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