Students of bachelor study programs at FRDIS MENDELU are obliged to complete a practical training.

For students of the RER study program, an internship of 112 hours is required.
Practical training of 240 hours is required for students of the METS study program (due to the inclusion of the program among the strategic study programs of MENDELU)

Both the student and the company must be registered in the TRAINING PORTAL before starting the training. After registration, the company will list the position to which the applicant will apply through the training portal. For Guidelines for company registration as well as students’ registration see attached documents below.

In the event that the company does not want to announce positions for other students of MENDELU resp. FRDIS and internship is listed only once for a specific student, registration in the Internship Portal is not necessary.


Before starting the internship

The student submits to the course guarantor before the start of the internship 3 signed originals of the document Contract for securing professional practice (the contract can be filled in directly at the internship listed on the Portal of internships or can be downloaded in the documents below on this page). Contracts are signed by the supervisor during the posted consultation hours.

After completing the internship (reaching the required number of hours)

The student will upload a document (PDF) to the Course Submission Form in UIS, which will contain the Report on the completion of the professional bachelor practice – a sample form is available for download in the documents below on this page. The document will be named in the form: Surname_First name_Student ID number.

he company finishes the student’s internship in the Training Portal and fills in the student’s evaluation (evaluation questionnaire). If the company is not and will not be registered in the Training Portal, it will fill in an evaluation questionnaire in PDF. The questionnaire in PDF will be sent to the student by e-mail upon his written request to the subject guarantor. In this case, the student inserts the completed evaluation questionnaire into the submission room together with the final report on the internship.

The student can enter the required documents in the Submission section in the UIS after completing the internship and completing the number of hours at any time during the semester.

Important Notice

  • The practical training and its content must be related to the student’s study program.
  • The practical training must not impede the student’s attendance in classes.
  • The student enrols the course in the semester in which he or she will be able to submit all the valid documents before the closure of the exam reports. The credits will be awarded on the basis of the submitted documents.
  • The student himself/herself decides in which semester he/she will enrol the practical training course. The last possible date of enrolment is the 6th semester of the study.
  • Before contacting the support, see the instructions in the Job Portal application.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the FRDIS Information Centre; in urgent cases, you can also contact the course guarantor.
  • The deadline for submitting practical training reports is always one week before the end of the semester, without any possibility of later corrections in case of the non-fulfilment of the requirements!
  • In case of technical problems concerning the Trainings Portal, Mr Vladimír Konopáč ( will be at your disposal.

Practical training will not be recognized if:

  • the student violates any of the conditions for practical training;
  • asks for retroactive recognition of the training;
  • there are inconsistencies in the documents submitted;
  • the final report is not submitted in the required length and structure, etc.



Course guarantor
Ing. Alice Kozumplíková, Ph.D.