Abroad activities and cooperation

Since the foundation of the Faculty, international cooperation and abroad activities have been the crucial parameter of its development. All study programmes are offered not only in Czech, but also in English language. Every year the number of elite professionals giving lectures at our Faculty is increasing. Nowadays more than half of the subjects in study programmes are taught by lecturers from abroad. The lecturers from abroad are involved in teaching not only in study programmes in English, but also in Czech study programs in which at least one subject during the programme is taught by a native speaker. The number of foreign students at our Faculty, both full-time students or those at an exchange stay, is growing every year. The study environment is multinational, multicultural and multilingual. All our students are offer a huge variety of international exchange study stays, practical internships and possibilities to get involved in the projects on development help and cooperation.

Students come to our Faculty from all over the world. 



Some of the teachers also come from all over the world.

Student mobility

To support our students to travel to exchange study trips or internships a wide range on international mobility programmes such as Erasmus Plus, the Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS) or AKTION programme are used, also the Faculty devote more and more financial means to support the study stays of its students. Our partners for these student exchange stays are in many European and non-European countries.

We have partner Universities all over the world. (Click on the map for more information)


An important fact for the students travelling abroad is that MENDE University is a holder of "European Credit Transfer System Label" which guarantees that after the students return from abroad their study abroad the passed subjects will be completely accepted in the ir individual study plans. Only limited number of Universities hold this label.


Our Faculty is unique in the whole central-European study environment for its extent involvement in international projects. The increasing number of students and teacher at the Faculty is involved in national and international projects of development help and cooperation which focus mainly on sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Asia and Latin America. A wide range of these projects, from the smaller ones dealing with problems of local communities, up to the big ones with a regional impact, considerably contributes to the fact that our graduates are demanded and find a job in an international context.