Since its foundation in 2008 the Faculty has always aimed a close cooperation with public and trade business sectors. The Faculty is proud of many examples of such cooperation. The importance of these activities results not only in the possibility to use the professional potential of academic workers and enthusiasm and novelty of Faculty students when solving the applied tasks and problems of public administration, non-profit organisations, institutions, companies. It also brings a very important feed-back on the relevancy of the content of study programmes from the point of view of the needs of business and public sector.

What we offer

In the area of socio-economic and environmental development of a region

  • scientific background for cooperation on project preparation, analyses and studies
  • management of documents from company sector - possibilities of development
  • analyses of company economics
  • company studies related to the influence on the environment
  • use of optional environmental tools
  • students from various fields of study for professional practices, internships and assistance
  • solution of bachelor and diploma theses for professional and manager sphere
  • a chance for companies to take part in the selection of elite Faculty graduates
  • professional consultancy
  • company presentation in the Faculty spaces

In the area of international territorial relations

  • background in the third-world countries - possibility of cooperation (Middle and South-American region - Nicaragua, Peru, Chile)
  • regional management (project, professional and commercial), public administration management, University management (Africa - RSA, Ghana, Zambia)
  • regional management (project, professional and commercial), public administration management, University management (South-east Asia - Thailand, Vietnam, China)
  • regional management (project, professional and commercial), public administration management, University management
  • possibility to realize local development projects
  • solution of case studies and regional projects in given countries
  • professionally and linguistically equipped students for promo events, processional internships and assistance
  • solution of bachelor and master theses for company needs in given countries
  • assurance of professional contacts in given countries
  • professional consultancy related to the developing countries
  • presentation of companies in international environment of the Faculty

Examples of our product offer

  • Financial analyses of companies and firms
  • Financial analyses in the area of agriculture and forestry
  • Economic-accounting analyses of companies
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Evaluation of quality of living in the regions (towns, micro regions)
  • Evaluation of economic performance of regions
  • Demography studies
  • Study on the quality of the environment of a town, region
  • Evaluation of ecological damage on ecosystems
  • Study of revitalisation and reclamation of landscape
  • Study of landscape and its integrated use

What do we demand for/What partner do we look for

Companies, institutions, partners for:

  • scientific and professional involvement of the Faculty into creative, company and manager sphere
  • professional and practical cooperation during education
  • involvement in creative students' works (bachelor, diploma theses)
  • participation in regional and local projects of the developing countries
  • cooperation on projects in the developing countries

In case you are interested in cooperation, please, contact the vice-dean for conception and development Mgr. Pavel Reich, Ph.D..

The main partners

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