Coastal regions development – possibilities, perspectives and challenges

Zadar, 3rd - 14th September 2020

Deadline pro přihlášky: 5. března 2020

Přihláška: motivační dopis a CV k rukám Kateřiny Dolník, katerina.dolnik@mendelu.cz

Kontaktní osoba: Mgr. RNDr. Pavel Ptáček, Ph.D., pavel.ptacek@mendelu.cz

The 10th GEOREGNET summer school will take place from 3rd to 14th September 2020 at the Department of geography at University of Zadar in Zadar, Croatia. It will focus on possibilities, perspectives and challenges of coastal regions development.

The main topics will include:

  • The impact of tourism on transformation of urban landscape and quality of life of inhabitants of the town of Zadar
  • Transportation connectivity of Zadar and its surroundings  
  • The role of cultural heritage of Zadar islands in economic development – the example of Ugljan island
  • Transformation of rural areas and evolution of landscape in Zadar hinterland


The day of arrival of students will be the day earlier and the school will began on the 3rd September.

The accommodation for students and teachers is free and it will be provided in the student dormitory.

Programme draft:

Besides regular lectures and seminars, the summer school will focus also on fieldwork, excursions, discussions with experts and authorities, etc.  Students obligations include: to study preliminary literature readings and to prepare a presentation. The summer school will last 12 days. Lectures will take place between 9 am and 16 pm.

Workload value of students’ work: 5 ECTS

Students will obtain a certificate of attendance stating their workload.

The working language will be English.



Maximum number of 20 students will be selected for participation.


The candidates should apply for a CEEPUS scholarship via website www.ceepus.info 

Application deadline:  (CEEPUS on-line application) First round of applications would be up to 15th March. Second round of applications (if there will still be free places) would be up to 1st June

Selection criteria (if necessary):

-          seniority of students (higher year students have priority),

-          field of studies (focus on Geography and Coastal regions),

-          multiplicity of applications (the students who haven’t participated yet have priority



The students will receive a CEEPUS scholarship in the amount of 150 HRK (=20,16€) per day, while PhD students will receive 170 HRK (=22,8€) per day. Accommodation is free (in student dorm) but meals will not be free. However, students will be able to have lunch and dinner in student restaurant which is affordable (around 7 EUR for full lunch or dinner menu). Two main filed trips will probably be organized and paid by Department of Geography but we will have confirmation for that after March. Other outdoor activities (short field trips) can be covered from scholarship.

Travel costs will be refunded by students’ home CEEPUS office (where applicable and in accordance with the rules of national CEEPUS offices – ask in your national CEEPUS officies for more details).



University of Zadar

Department of Geography: Franje Tudjmana 24 i

23 000 Zadar, Croatia

Contact person: Anica Čuka

Tel. +385 23 345 029

E-mail: acuka@unizd.hr


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