The faculty is divided into 8 independent departments which guarantee education as well as scientific-research activities. Apart from this each department offers its professional knowledge and experience which is realised in cooperation with practice, according to requests of companies and institutions of public administration. For better orientation we introduce the individual departments by a short characteristics.


Department of Regional and Business Economics

Within the research at the Department of Regional and Business Economics we focus on issues of regional economics and politics. We try to evaluate the sustainability of regional development and assess the effectiveness of company economy in various areas of economy.

Another issue is the competitiveness of agriculture within food verticals - the roles of agriculture among the subjects which are related to production and processing of raw materials up to distribution to the final consumer.

We conduct analyses of multifunctional agricultural and customers' behaviour at market with food products, including the role of agriculture in the developing countries. We deal with the results of research-scientific activities within the subject seminars. These are subjects focusing on the area of company economics, finance management and industrial economics. And also subjects focusing on non-profit sphere, or regional, environmental and agricultural economics and politics.


Department of Social Development

At the Department of Social Development we focus on the influence of social aspects on regional development. This issue is reflected in analyses of health, cultural and social capital of region development.

Another area of interest is research of intercultural psychology and communication focused on e.g. adaptation of workers on intercultural working conditions, coping with differences resulting from multicultural global society and adaptation to them, etc.

We deal with the results of research-scientific activities within the subject seminars. These are subject from the area of social science such as sociology, social psychology and politology, as well as the area of applied disciplines fitted to the study programme you intend to study. You can choose to study manager psychology, regional sociology, government procurement, intercultural psychology or intercultural communication.


Department of Applied Statistics and Demography

The Department of Applied Statistics and Demography deals with education of following disciplines - general demography, demography and development, socio-economic demography, residential structures, applied statistics, analyses in regional development and in international studies and socio-political geography. In these disciplines we try to apply the results of our research-scientific activities.

In the research we focus on observation of regional differences in the quality of human resources, disparity from the point of view of unemployment rates, GDP. Also we observe the issues related to rural development, we conduct analyses on age structure of population, living standards and other characteristics. Using selected statistical methods education as a factor of competitiveness is analysed in detail.

Our Department cooperates with other departments and faculties when applying quantitative methods and contributes to processing of various research results resulting in many interesting publications.



Department of Territorial Studies

The Department of Territorial Studies deals with the issue of the developing world, mainly focusing on the region of Africa, Latin America and south-east Asia, both in the context of regional and international relations.

The Department focuses both on education and publishing of new studies and scientific texts. The list of topics the Department employees deal with is very long. In includes the issues of international trade, security problems in developing world, political processes in developing countries, globalisation or regionalisation. We also deal with residential structures or international relations and economic geography of Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Department of Environmentalistics and Natural Resources

The employees of Department of environmentalistics and Natural Resources deal with the issues of protection of landscape, care for living environment, sustainable use of natural resources. All research areas are solved in the sense of multipurpose use of landscape and based on the principles of sustainable development.

Scientific-development activities project on the practical applications where we deal with evaluation of ecosystem functions of landscape, suggestions of complex landscape adaptations and consultancy activities in the area of care for landscape and individual parts of living environment.

The results of the scientific-research activities are used in the education of our subjects. The theoretical education in the classrooms is always amended with practical demonstrations, field excursions and exercises. These are subjects focusing on the area of environmentalistics, protection of landscape and sustainable development of regions.


Department of Regional Development and Public Administration

Department of Regional Development and Public Administration focuses on regional development from the point of view of the change of space as well as from the point of view of the role of public administration.

The Department employees deal with the development of tourist trade in relation to the tourists’ characteristics, the possibility of further development or evaluation of the possibility of building of tourist trade in the given region.

Another area of interest is space decision – methods and techniques used in geographical information systems are used. The current image of public administration services is evaluated at the same time.

The Department is responsible for the teaching of management and marketing in regional development, tourist trade, theories of regional development, geographical information systems, public administration and finance, economic geography and other.


Department of Language and Cultural Studies

Within foreign languages the Department focuses mainly on English, Spanish, German, Russian and French. The courses ale led by native speakers using modern techniques, trying to make the students participate as much as possible.

In the scientific-research and publication activities the Department of Language and Cultural Studies focuses on so called cross-cultural studies. Apart from the focus on the intercultural aspect, the research at the Department lays emphasis on recency, exactness and methodological correctness of the research procedures. The topics dealt with include the retention of drug-addicted patients in the therapeutic communities in the Czech Republic, Peru and Nicaragua, religion tourism, the study of gender changes as a sociocultural phenomenon. The Department employees also participate is the solving of issues of ecological agricultural and food safety.

The Department employees also offer translation and interpretation services both to MENDELU and out-of-university subjects.


Department of Project Management

The Department of Project Management focuses on the use of standards and methods of project management related to regional development. Development of regions is nowadays unrealisable without the means of professionally managed projects.

We also focus on comparison of regions which use standards and methods of project management with those regions which manage their projects intuitively, evaluating the degree of success of such projects.

The results of scientific-research activities are applied in the education process, mainly in the subjects taught in the field specialisation Project management in regional development.