Faculty environment

The building Z where Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies has resided since 2010 is a part of the University Campus and its residing office is at Tř. Generála Píky 7. It is connected with the main building and University address with a footbridge and an arboretum.

After an expensive reconstruction and revitalisation done at the turn of 2013/2014, the building is newly repaired and mainly the interior are significantly modernised. in June 2014 the building started to be fully used.

It disposes of a 180-seat aula, two high-capacity lecture rooms each of 100 seats, several smaller lecture rooms and three computer study rooms equipped with the latest technology. The overall capacity of the lecture rooms is 907 seats.

Apart from the lecture rooms, the building includes a canteen, a library with a study room, student S-club intended for relaxing evenings, at the ground floor there is also hairdresser's and sauna. A dormitory with a capacity of 283 beds for students and 59 hotel-type beds is a part of the building.





Lecture rooms


Smaller class rooms




S club




Dormitory room